Open Letter to Conservatives from President Obama

Barring a miracle on November 4th I, Barack Obama, will be elected the 44th President of the United States. I am grateful of the support I have received from millions of Americans to defeat John McCain, a tremendous opponent and genuine American hero. My election should stand as an example of how far we (Liberal and Conservative) Americans have come on issues of race and equality in the short history of our great nation. With the divisive election behind us it is my immediate goal to unite our nation and discuss with you the obstacles before us that we will not be able to conquer unless we get our hands dirty and begin to work together.

Abraham Lincoln’s famous words “A house divided against itself cannot stand” have never been more pertinent than it is concerning the current conditions of our politics and government. I campaigned as a Democrat but I intend to govern as an American. No longer will I point fingers and place blame on Republicans when analyzing the dire circumstances our economy, foreign policy, and status as the world’s sole Superpower now face. American strength and prestige is in jeopardy, and my administration will not be able to facilitate our recovery without a united people supporting my policies. We have numerous enemies awaiting our demise, and to them we must show America has reformed a strong coalition that will crush their defiance at a time of our choosing.


President-Elect Barack Obama

President-Elect Barack Obama

There are many things that I will need from (you) my Republican detractors and Conservative rivals that I will need to be successful, and without which I will surely fail. Our national debt has doubled in the last 8 years and it is the result of budget mismanagement and excessive spending and government excesses. I CHALLENGE Conservatives to revert to their principles of smaller bureaucracy and hate of governmental waste and fiscal irresponsibility. With this assistance you will help my administration avoid the pitfalls of the Bush Administration and return our economy to a period of strong growth and economic surpluses. The historic tendency of anti-interventionism needs to be returned by Conservative leaders to restore maturity to American foreign policy. An Obama Administration would be well served if rival Congressional Leaders would mobilize their supporters against the over-extension of our Armed Forces, which has lead to meandering conflicts (the Iraq War) syphoning vital resources from our economy and strategically important theatres in the War on Terror (Afghanistan & Pakistan). America will also be well served if Republicans give me their support to engage our enemies when needed so that the Ayatollahs and Mullahs in Iran know that our people are united and will not stand by idly while they gain a nuclear capability that will threaten the security of our Middle Eastern democratic ally, the sacred state of Israel. 

Although I believe the Democrats will have obtained enough seats in the Senate to pass legislation without the support of Conservative Republicans their are some pieces of my agenda that I will not be able to accomplish without your contributions. As you know I plan on instituting a progressive income tax on those making 250k and higher. My critics feel as though this is a move toward Socialism, but I am only moving our economy away from the Reaganomic top heavy structure that has failed us. Do not move your businesses and private investments abroad to nations with lower tax brackets, or discontinue your engagement in our stock markets and international trade. For my plan to be success I need your wealth and monetary holdings in order to increase our government’s revenues and reinvest those funds toward the betterment of our great nation.

An Obama Administration will also call on Cultural Conservatives to remain engaged in social dialogue on issues that have divided our nation in the past such as abortion and Gay Rights. I doubt that my election will spawn some instant agreement on these issues but I know that the passion Conservatives have on these issues will keep them at the forefront of political discussion, and force me to assume a leadership role that will address these complicated challenges. Like Bill Clinton I want to enact policies that make abortions safe, legal, but rare. Despite our fundamental disagreement on a Women’s Right to choose, I know that the organizational skills of Conservatives can aid me in our mutual hope to reduce the number of abortions completed in America. In the same vain, I know that the compassion and humanity of Evangelicals and other religious Conservatives will lead to the revelation that despite our thoughts on their lifestyle, our Homosexual neighbors are our brethren and have a claim to the same inalienable rights that all Americans enjoy.


One of my favorite artistic renditions of Barack Obama

One of my favorite artistic renditions of Barack Obama

In order to accomplish the goals I have set forward, Bipartisanship will have to exude from every American active in government no matter party affiliation. My election should not discourage my critics from engaging in the political process, rather it should motivate you because without it our nation will continue to drift into mediocrity. 90% of the electorate felt our nation was moving in the wrong direction under George W. Bush, and I believe that that has provided me with a mandate to drastically change the way our government exerts its power and influence. I have the full support of Democrats and many Independents as evident by the size of my electoral victory, but it is you the Conservative that I challenge to not withdraw from the American Political System.

Without you our house cannot stand but with you our house will surely fly.


~ by americalives on November 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Open Letter to Conservatives from President Obama”



  2. This is disguisting


  4. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not. View my post which, of course, has the benefit of knowing the election result and sifting through the aftermath.

    If what you have written is not a piece of satire, then I applaud it as a genuine attempt to embrace collaboration for the common good.

    If it is intended as sarcastic humor, then, like is so often the case, humor intended to mock actually underscores the seriousness of theme.

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