Palin Mirage Evaporates on ABC

I will be the first to say that since her nomination as the VP of the Republican ticket I have been obsessed with Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK). I am one of those who are/were appreciative that McCain voted against the popular picks made by pundits, and chose a woman who could energize the Republican base and make a foot race out of the 2008 Presidential conversation. 


Palin V. Gibson

Palin V. Gibson



My initial excitement over the Palin choice assumed two important facts. 1 that the McCain campaign had thoroughly vetted Gov. Palin, and made sure that her personal past and professional record held no blemishes that would inhibit McCain’s ability to win the Presidency. 2 that Gov. Palin (now potentially heartbeats away from assuming Presidency) was well-versed, inside-n-out, on all the important issues that a VP candidate needs to have a complete and comprehensive control over.

We now know she wasn’t well vetted (see—-pregnant 17 yo daughter, Trooper-Gate, “The Bridge to Nowhere” gaffe, and constant references to the “First Dude”), and after her interview with Charlie Gibson at ABC it appears at least (again it could of been simply a poor performance or 1st time jitters) that she is unprepared to substitute for John McCain as the leader of the free-world. 

If you missed the interview go on Youtube, and I’m sure you’ll catch a replay 

Two of Gov. Palin’s gaffes motivated me to criticize her in this blog entry. The first was Gov. Palin’s response to Gibson when he asked her if she thought the US should go to war with RUSSIA (!!!!) for potential NATO allies the likes of the Ukraine & Georgia.  As quick as a machine gun Gov. Palin shot the McCain line that “we are all Georgians” and will protect them from her proverbial hip–even if said fight comes only a few dozen miles away from Mother Russia.

Let’s get this straight, I know its political posture to misled the Russians about our resolve, but we are not fighting anywhere near the Kremlin anytime soon—-let alone while we are still bogged down in the Afghan and Iraq Wars. I was not upset with Sarah Palin for towing the party line as much as I was concerned with her apparent lack of thoughtfulness on the subject. It took her about 1.2 seconds to blurt out that she would wage war with the second most capable armed force on the planet earth—-no matter what party you belong to that’s careless.

The second issue that placed a dagger in my Palinmania was her response to the question “what is the Bush Doctrine”? Gov. Palin rambled on about how it is to fight off global jihad anywhere it exists, and to fight off America’s enemies when they pose an imminent threat to US citizens. That is not the Bush Doctrine. My friends (lol) over at the Daily Kos would love for that to have been the Bush Doctrine implemented in the last 8 years. But it isn’t.  

To demonstrate just how green behind the ear Palin is I’m putting forth a question to all readers. Without Wikipedia now, What is the Bush Doctrine as used by Bush43 over the last 7 and a half years?


I’m almost certain I’ll get better answers than Gov. Palin gave, and that my friends puts a hole in my heart (tear).


~ by americalives on September 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Palin Mirage Evaporates on ABC”

  1. She’s Dick Cheney with a bra. She wants more war, and now she has me worried about stoking up the Cold War again.

  2. Bush doctrine? Whatever he is thinking right then, I think.
    I doubt a lot of us know what it is, but I certainly expect the nominees of the current party in power to know. It is as if asking a member of the British conservative party what is the Thatcher doctrine?
    Her responses show how unprepared she is as a president. Videos of her as Alaska governor shows her messianic bent as a tool of God. I predict she’ll bring that kind of ideology if she ever becomes president of the United Staes.

  3. bush doctrine is the idea of preemptive war and high executive power. right?

  4. nice i just checked wikipedia and im right… i guess thats a good thing for a polisci major to know lol

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