18 Reasons why Obama will sweep the 2008 Election!

With 18 days until the Democratic Convention, the 2008 Presidential Election has been in its post-primary phase since its advent was triggered by Sen. Hillary Clinton’s concession to Sen. Barack Obama.  Since that concession, Sen. Obama and Sen. John McCain have been waging a “political war,” and even though the Obama Campaign has failed to capitalize on the Democratic Party’s national lead over Republicans (>10 percentage points according to Rasmussen) he remains the odds on favorite to become the 44th President of the United States.  

Sen. Obama will win the 2008 Election (barring a major gaffe by his campaign), and in honor of the Democratic Convention in 18 days here are 18 reasons why Obama should get ready for his new diggs on Pennsylvania Avenue.


18.  John McCain is 71-years old ==> Sen. McCain would be the oldest first term President in the history of our nation, and many voters are genuinely concerned about his physical stamina to lead the nation. 

17. Barack Obama is black ==> It may be hard to believe, but in 2008 America is a nation that is eager to abolish the tarnish racial hatred has left on American silverware. Not to mention blacks are voting for their man at rates of 94 to 1. 

16. George W. Bush ==> The Good Ole Boy from Texas’ Presidency has been marred by an approval rating that hasn’t seen the better-end of 30% since his 2004 re-election campaign. The Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the economic recession, Gitmo, wiretaps, and $4.00 a gallon gas have doomed Bush’s place in history, even though W has kept American safe for almost 7 years straight after 9/11.

15. Dick Cheney ==> Never before have I seen an individual more hated by the lefties in the Democratic Party since, since, well Dick Cheney.  As far as MoveOn.org is concerned the Vice President is the devil on Bush’s shoulder countering the influence of the angel on the other shoulder (Condoleezza Rice), and gets most of the blame for the Bush Administration’s “war mongering” policies. 

14. 2008 Recession ==> Economists on Wall Street will show you charts and statistics that disprove that we are experiencing the R-word, but we are all well aware that the dollar is weak, the nation’s budget remains unbalanced, trade deficits are at all-time highs, and economic growth (measured in GDP) in the last quarter was a inept 1%.

13. Usama Bin Laden ==> The leader of Al Qaeda has not been caught by US forces since he orchestrated the 9/11 attacks that killed over three thousand American citizens. Bush 43 promised he would bring Bin Laden to justice, but a corrupt Pakistan, detours throughout the Middle East, and a weak Afghan government (lead by President Hamid Karzai) has prevented the capture of the world’s most famous terrorist. 

12. McCain-Feingold ==> The failed comprehensive immigration bill (via the US Senate) turned dedicated conservative Republicans against Sen. McCain, and although these individuals aren’t fans of Sen. Obama their disgust with McCain’s Amnesty Bill might implore them to stay home in November.

11. “C.R.E.A.M.” ==> No not the Wu Tang Clan song, rather Obama’s substantial fiscal advantage over the McCain campaign.  McCain will have a little more than 80 million dollars via public financing, but analysts have predicted Sen. Obama will have 200-300 million dollars at his disposal.  That kind of money buys advertisements, staff, and thousands of bumper stickers — which will only enhance Obama’s chances of taking the election. 

10. John Kerry ==> The 2004 Democratic Party Nominee’s run for the White House was arguably derailed by the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” who ran advertisements morphing Sen. Kerry’s Vietnam War record.  Although Sen. Kerry’s campaign was downed by SBVT ads, the defeat stood as a teaching lesson to the Obama campaign, and so far (in the 2008 Election) the Senator has quickly responded to any/every attack launched by the McCain Campaign and it’s surrogates. 

9. Ted Stevens ==> The indicted Alaskan Senator has been showered with calls for his resignation, and his troubles only further cloud the future of the GOP and damage the party’s image as an anti-corruption entity. 

8. The Mainstream media ==> The corporate media has been involved in an intense love affair with Barack Obama since his 2004 Keynote Address at the Democratic Convention. They allow the Illinois Senator to dominate weekly news cycles, and often over emphasize Sen. McCain’s shortcomings. And as Chris Matthews has said “…Barack Obama’s candidacy sends a tingle up my leg.” You can bet the same goes for most of those covering the 2008 Election.

7. Oprah Winfrey ==> University of Maryland professors (Tim Moore & Craig Garthwaite) recently released data (based on a hypothetical formula) that states Oprah’s endorsement of Barack Obama was worth over 1 million votes during the Democratic Primary.  The professors claim Ms. Winfrey’s television ratings, book sales, and magazine outlets gave them this estimation, and they argue that Oprah will be able to command even more votes for Obama in the general election.

6. Invesco Field ==> The Obama Campaign changed the location of the Senator’s Democratic Convention (being held in the state of Colorado) speech from the Pepsi Center (seats 21,000) to Invesco Field (seats 76,000) on the 45th anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech to accommodate intense demand by Democrats. The move will allow Obama to capture the superstardom JFK achieved when he made a similar decision at the 1960 Convention, and do it in front of over 70 thousand Democrats — with the right weather forecast this scene should be majestic and give the Obama campaign a powerful and successful convention. 

5. Conservative Talk Radio ==> Many may disagree but I believe Talk Radio is bored of the Executive Branch being held by those of their party.  They have had to defend incompetents like Donald Rumsfeld, Albert Gonzalez, and well George W. Bush. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Laura Ingraham are tired of propping up an unpopular administration, and their monologues would immediately obtain more bite (and comic relief) if Sen. Obama becomes number 44. Remember how much these personalities enjoyed stalking the Clinton Administration, and multiply that by a black man who wants to raise taxes, talk to Iran, and you have TALK RADIO GOLD. They may never admit to it, but somewhere in a dark and lonely room Bill O’Reilly is praying for an Obama victory.

4. The Clintons ==> Despite the divisive primary battle, and Bill Clinton’s recent comments disparaging Obama’s ability to lead, the Clintons will be an asset to the Obama Campaign if used effectively.  Hillary has been campaigning for Barack (and raising money for the Illinois Senator) in many states where she defeated Obama, and for the most part Democrats have rallied behind their nominee. Despite all the criticism President Clinton has received from the media, the former President remains a very popular figure nationwide and can help Obama reach out to voters who are still skeptical of Obama’s executive abilities.

3. Michelle Obama ==> The potential 1st lady is a very effective campaigner and an former Harvard Law student in her own right.  The GOP has directed tons of energy critiquing Mrs. Obama’s statements, and this deflects much of the GOP’s attacks off of Senator Obama.  If Michelle Obama can convince voters she indeed loves her country as much as she claims to, the Obama Campaign will flourish under her direction.

2. Susan Rice ==> Ms. Rice is Obama’s senior foreign policy advisor and a former Clinton aide who has a impressive grasp of foreign policy and international relations. She is an extremely valuable surrogate for Sen. Obama on the campaign trail, and has shown her vast knowledge of complicated issues on almost all of the cable news networks.  She is no relation to Condoleezza Rice, but Susan has the ability to become just as popular (and influential) a figure as the current Secretary of State 

1. 4,134 ==> The number of US Troops killed in Iraq since the 2003 invasion according to the Department of Defense as of Aug 7, 2008. Most voters are aware of Sen. Obama’s initial criticism of the war, and many voters will pull the lever for Obama because of their anger over the tremendous loss of American blood and treasure in the Iraq War.


~ by americalives on August 8, 2008.

12 Responses to “18 Reasons why Obama will sweep the 2008 Election!”

  1. I hope Senator Obama sweeps the elections.

    As much as the conditions (bad economy, Iraq, Bush’s low approval ratings, etc. mentioned above) have set an advantageous stage for Obama, I don’t think that the conditions are necessarily the sole factors to why he might win. Obama has displayed presidential charisma and mannerisms in his own right, which is why I think it was he who took the Democratic nomination. Now on to the presidency.

    Obama 2008!

  2. One reason which overrides every one of your inspid “reasons”:

    The American people will not allow a socialist with blatant anti-American, anti-democracy, and anti-military proclivities the priviledge of serving as President. We’ve already had our fill of asshats like Carter and Bubba Clinton. I think they’ve learned their lesson. Anyone with a modicum of sanity and integrity will not vote for this moron.

    It’s incredible to see the nihilist excrement that Obama attracts, but considering what he is and what he stands for, it’s not surprising. He’s a shallow, pusillanimous, superficial milksop. He counts terrorists and anti-American hate-spewers among his friends and associates. Not to mention the rapid accumulation of some of the world’s worst Socialist and Islamic thugs as enthusiastic campaign supporters.

    The giddy fans and admirers who will cast their ballots for him are a segment of society comprised of an appalling cast of characters. Cult-like worshipers who fill the pews at Trinity United Church of Christ who will vote for him just because of his skin color, as well as unrequited socialists and communists, and muslim fanatics salivating for a “change they can believe in”.

  3. If Obama can articulate actual policy positions, he stands a chance. If not, he will not make it. Do not confuse enthusiasm for support, because the two don’t always travel together. The segments supporting Senator Obama are traditionally have the lowest numbers in actually turning out to vote in spite of their voicing support and showing up for rallies.

    And while your “list” is no doubt how you see it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the typical far-left laundry list of “reasons” that have failed to take hold with voters in the past 16 years, including Bill Clinton’s election. Clinton didn’t run as a left-winger as Obama is.

    It shall be interesting to see. If Obama looses, I wonder if this will finally trigger a re-evaluation on the part of the Democratic Party, and they will send the radical left, Kos, Move On, Dean, George Soros gang packing?

  4. I don’t care why McCain doesn’t win just so long as he loses definitively…. The reasons for his downfall will be a combination of multiple factors, some listed above and some were not…

    1. I saw McCain ‘try’ to tell a joke in public several weeks ago and when he laughed he made me think of a creepy uncle that you suspect of being a pedophile, but only when he laughed… it was just creepy…

    2. Dick Cheney reminds me of Burgess Meredith playing the Penguin from the old Batman movies and TV show from the 60’s…. No kidding he sounds just like the guy and if you gave him a top hat, monocle and an umbrella you’d have a spot on match that could make money at the next Comic Trade show in your local area… But he’s making money off killing people so we have to end the war just in the hope that he’ll sink to that indignity…

    3. Bush is a Nazi, really, his Grandfather had got in a great deal of trouble with the US Government for supporting the Nazi’s and Hitler during the run up to WWII…

    4. A vote for McCain is a vote for his retirement…. There are two things that he can concentrate on while he’s enjoying his well earned respite…. Viagra and his wife…. I suppose he could possibly prepare for his upcoming stroke but other than that I really don’t want to hear anymore about him, I’m a vet, I respect what he did but lets face it he wasn’t the greatest student in the world (graduated 5th from the bottom of his class at Annapolis) and he got shot DOWN, which is really just a several million dollar loss in equipment that confirms the validity of that 5th from the bottom status…

    I have more but you can see it at my site if you want….

  5. Ted Stevens

  6. I enjoyed the post, I agree with many of the reasons. I would also add: his intelligence, experience as a Senator, his progressive views. Those are the reasons I’m voting for him.

    As for fellow commenter sfcmac, you are crazy. I would argue with you, except I don’t believe one word of what you said. There’s no point in ripping your comment apart, because it’s ridiculous by itself.

  7. As Arte Johnson used to say on Laugh-In, “Very interesting!”

    But here’s the reason Barack Obama will lose in a landslide to John McCain: ABORTION.

  8. And here are some reasons why Barack Obama will NOT win in November:

    1. Lack of Experience- as a sophomore senator with very minimal involvement backing major legislature during his terms in office, Barack doesn’t have the political knowhow to run an entire country. Anyone who can look past his well written speeches can see that. He is a good on paper man- someone who promises a lot of idealistic utopian ideals but who is almost guaranteed not to deliver once he realizes how completely unrealistic his goals are in the real world.

    2. The Religious Right- You are severely underestimating conservatives. The Religious Right are the people responsible for preventing McCain from being elected in 2000. They put Cheney and Bush in office TWICE. And as scary as it is, they almost put Huckabee on the ticket in November for the Republicans. And McCain has learned this time around to play to the Religious right as much as possible without losing his moderate Conservative stance.

    3. Hillary Clinton- The woman who would be (and should be) president. It probably would have been a more decisive victory for the Democrats, because she was a stronger candidate. However tricky politics have beaten her out of what should have been her election, and you have 18 million angry democrats on your hands now. Of the 18 million voters, many will throw their votes away by writing in Hillary’s name. Hillary of course will cannot win no matter how many votes she recieves in the popular contest because the electoral college will never recognize that. However, it will detract from a large population of people who WOULD have voted democrat,which will subtract from Obama’s numbers. There are even still more members of those angry 18 million voters who will vote for McCain, who is fortunately a liberal enough republican that many undecided and moderate voters would rather see him in office than barack obama.

    4.The Race Card- I would like to preceed this by saying I am not racist. I am as open minded as they come, but many people especially up north forget that really, our country has not come as far as you’d think. Down south there are still segregated schools, still active branches of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremecist groups. Unfortunately thse insane people make up a large population of the US, and there has already been several threats and one possible attempt at assasinating Barack Obama. Do you really think those people will vote for him? It doesn’t even matter what his platform is. Some people are just too ignorant to see past black and white.

    5. Michelle Obama and Michael Pfleger- When radical people are close to a person, and are heard to say radical things in support of a candidate, their crediblity is considerably lost. Enough said.

    6. Wartime Mentality- Anyone who has lived long enough to have actually experienced a war will not vote for a man who has never fought a war in his life to lead our country through the end of a war. IT’s insane to think that Barack Obama has any clue or empathy for the men and women fighting overseas. He is a pacifist who can only see what his frighteningly idealistic liberal eyes can see- this war needs to stop. And his exit strategy is far too hasty to be safe for the soldiers who are still fighting over there. As someone who has a loved one in Iraq as we speak, this reason alone is enough for me to back McCain over Obama. John McCain was a prisoner of war. All of John McCain’s sons are currently serving our country overseas, and thus John McCain understands war. While he was initially NOT a supporter of the war in Iraq and even considered switching parties around the time we declared war, he understands the need for a level head and sensible thinking to bring all our loved ones home SAFELY and with the best interest of our country in mind.

    Generation Gap- Young people are apathetic about everything. In the late 60’s when we were in another unjust war in vietnam (and there was a DRAFT) college students died in protest, trying to send a message to the government that what we are doing is just not right. We have not seen anything of that magnitude or anything close to it from this generation of war time twenty-somehings. And while votership is getting better among the 18-35 range of voters thanks to a barrage of voting campaigns made by celebrities to raise political awareness, they still tend to lack tne numbers. Young people are jaded about politics already, and they just aren’t showing up. Who is showing up you ask? Baby boomers! Baby boomers who have seen war and who cannot relate to a young, inexperienced Obama. Who will they back? John McCain!

    I am liberal. I swear. I am actually a hillary person myself. But everyone needs to open their eyes and see that Barack Obama is a pop culture icon at best. He is not a president. And I will join the millions who will choose the lesser of two evils to put John McCain in office before Barack. And then sit tight for four years and hope Clinton can beat mcain in 2012.

  9. You were right!
    I voted for Obama!!!

  10. 9/11 was an inside job and Bin Laden is dead. http://www.loosechange.com

  11. Why is it not possible for us the so-called ‘wise’ people of world over eventually to create a real peaceful world as we all want to…? Is it wise on our part to let our stupidity govern our body, mind & spirits forever and ever indefinitely…? Why until this moment of the eternity we remain as incapable to learn from our horrible past mistakes…?? When are we going to intend to change ourselves and our divided world into a better one unified peaceful world…??

  12. Collective mind of any Nation has a very short memory of its past mistakes & stupidity…!
    Collective mind of citizens of any Nation is incapable to understand, think, judge properly on its own, this is simply because of the fact that it is not a single mind but it is sum total of all individual minds of its people.
    Collective mind not only depends on the everyday social gossiping and News feedings of Mass Medias but also on its own self-assumptions based upon its ever-changing level of its everyday needs, feelings, emotions, knowledge and understanding.
    Collective mind oftentimes is usually manipulated through mass Medias by the personal vested interests of its religious, social, political and economical leaders who play the prominent roles in the administration of that Nation.
    The one and only solution is to properly educate and re-educate in order to humanize and re-humanize repetitively again and again and again indefinitely in order to raise the level of understanding and consciousness of the people of that Nation.

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