Dick Morris: McCain Needs to Scare the Hell Out of Electorate to Win!!!

So I was sitting around last night at about 11pm catching the second showing of Wednesday night’s O’Reilly Factor, and former Clinton Administration insider Dick Morris came on for his weekly segment.  

Dick Morris is the individual who was behind Bill Clinton’s resurgence in Arkansas as governor, and eventually helped Clinton capture the White House by redefining the future President as a “economy first” moderate Democrat.  In a nutshell, Morris was Karl Rove to Bill Clinton.  Morris would later resign from his post in 1996 when it became apparent that he employed prostitutes in his free time, and enjoyed allowing them to listen in on personal phone calls between he and the President. 

On Wednesday’s show Morris was discussing the upcoming 2008 Presidential election, and told O’Reilly that it was his belief that this election would be a referendum on Barack Obama not John McCain.  

(For exact transcript please go to billoreilly.com, the following is a paraphrase)

Dick stated that “The American people know McCain, and its his job to define Obama as the liberal candidate that he is.”

O’Reilly then asked “So, how does McCain do that?”

Morris responded “By getting economist after economist to look in the camera and say if Barack Obama’s tax plan is enacted it will lead to a recession greater than the Great Depression.”

O’Reilly said “So he (McCain) needs to scare the hell out of the folks?”

Morris: “Yes, he needs to scare the hell out of them.”

Now I’m not one to criticize Republicans as subscribers to the politics of fear, but this is a major political consultant and New York Times bestselling author recommending that McCain raise American anxiety to win the election. In fact, he said its the only way McCain can win the election. The McCain campaign will most likely repudiate Morris’ comments, but their meaning does not go unnoticed.  The McCain campaign is in dire straits if many commentators and pundits believe that there best tactics must include creating a culture of fear around the 2008 American electorate.  If Barack Obama’s campaign has demonstrated one thing it is that the American people are starving for hope, opportunity, and change that the politics of fear cannot provide.  I doubt in a post-Bush 43 Era that the American people could be scared into voting for more of the same, and if he employs this tactic John McCain’s open door to the White House will be closed forever.

Those that support McCain should take a moment to analyze the direction of the 2008 campaign thus far, and ask themselves what their man needs to do to turn this race around and share their thoughts with his campaign.  Because if and when John McCain ascribes to the politics of fear, John McCain will be no more.

*****Side prediction — It is now 5:39 p.m. about 2 hours before Countdown with Keith O. comes on and I am feeling quite confidant to state that Morris’ comments will be singled out for Keith’s “Worst Persons in the World” segment. Just a hunch 😉

There’s my verse now you come in with the chorus.


~ by americalives on July 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dick Morris: McCain Needs to Scare the Hell Out of Electorate to Win!!!”

  1. Were you correct? Was Morris Olberman’s worst person?

    I hate the politics of fear but unfortunately it often works. I would think that we have enough to scare us right now but the problem for me is I don’t trust either candidate to fix any of the problems.

    Nice blog!

    Mountain Sage

  2. Fear and loathing the liberals is all the knuckledraggers (the republic party) of America respond to. They know nothing else and have nothing else to run on to win an election. They’re the laughing stock of America, but if you ask them directly, they’ll tell you they are loved throughout the world and their candidate, Johnny McTeleprompter, would have double the audience Barack had in Germany!

    Have I mentioned they’re also delusional?

  3. I would say it ranks as another BILLO segment. Fear is the best tool the GOP seems to have. I’ve seen it all around my town anytime I say something about politics. Makes me sad, but maybe people will see through the smoke this time. I heard Hannity say, on Wed. also, how they used to call people that like Bill Clinton Coke drinkers, and how he now dubs Obama fans Kool-Aid drinkers. Don’t you just love Fox news, and all their awesome comments?

  4. Morris changes his mind on everything just about every week. Next week he will have something totally different to say.

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