Fool the Foolish. The Grand Strategy of John McCain.

With John McCain locking up the Republican Presidential nomination after Mitt Romney’s departure via his swan song at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), it looks as if the Arizona Senator will indeed avenge his 2000 Republican Primary defeat to George W. Bush and receive the nod at the GOP Convention.  Those who support McCain should feel a genuine sense of accomplishment for resurrecting their horse from a premature death that was largely manufactured by an overzealous media. Casual observers of the 08 Election would assume that McCain has won his heat, but alas conservative talk radio pundits (are there such things as liberal talk pundits other than Alan Colmes?) cannot bring themselves to support Senator Maverick.  For those of you who ingest a daily political diet and have grown bored of this uprising within the Republican party give me just three more paragraphs to add my contribution to the debate.McCain is unacceptable to many in the Republican party and its strongest cohorts, and many influential, once faithful members of the right (see Ann Coulter) have promised to avoid the polls or even pull the lever in favor of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton over McCain.  Senator McCain is also absorbing a constant beating from the conservative blogosphere, who in turn have nicknamed the American Hero everything from Senator McVain, McLiar, McShamnesty, McFeingold, to my personal favorite “Old Guy in a Suit Who Can’t Lift His Arms” ( holds more of these gems).  John McCain has addressed this conservative mutiny by pandering to the right in a half hearted manner, and his predictably tame speech at CPAC was received by a mixture of cheers and jeers (65/35 in my estimate).  Until the Democrats finish their game of “Who’s more Liberal” you can expect McCain to continue to wear his “I ❤ Conservatism” t-shirts and plead with those on the right to back his campaign. That is what he will do, but it is not what he SHOULD do.In his next speech John McCain should look the camera in its lens and spout some of his famous straight talk. Something along the lines of “Dear Friends, You’re right I am more Liberal than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.  Political suicide you say? I think not. The conservative wing of the Republican party has these achievements to brag about via the Bush Administration. All-time high deficits, 4,000 dead heroes, a hovering Recession, no Usama Bin Laden, the end of NATO as we know it, and a defiant Iran and resurgent Russia now serious players in the increasingly unstable geopolitical world. I know it hurts to hear this out loud conservatives, but yeah, we did all that.  We’ve done good and I know you know that good (see no terrorists attacks since 9/11 on American soil, Nicholas Szarkozy, “the surge”), but non-aligned Americans or Independents are damn tired of our BS.  There is no way a “More of Bush” campaign will ever get off the ground, and if conservatives insist on McCain taking that line we will see him lose by over 10% to Clinton or Obama.  The thought of those aforementioned 4,000 heroes dying in vain makes me sick to my stomach, and for that reason I applaud Mr. McCain’s strategy of sticking it to the far right in the GOP.   Hill and BarackGo On and convince the people that you are the candidate of the New York Times Mr. McCain. Convince them that your take on immigration and the economy is in lock-step with Hillary and Barack Hu…(I wont go there) Obama.  Convince all the Liberals and Moderates willing to listen that you are indeed a Democratic Christmas present with Republican wrapping paper and maybe, just maybe, we’ll fool the foolish. Senator McCain will not withdraw troops from Iraq. Senator McCain will not allow the Bush Tax cuts to expire unless he can’t cut the pork out of Washington. And most importantly, McCain will not even for a second consider a Supreme Court Justice ala Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  It is estimated that the next President will oversee the appointment of 2 to 3 new members of the greatest court of our land, and for those conservatives who claim to value the sanctity of life that is your calling. Lets continue to bash good ole’ John and allow Bush-haters to accept the idea that McCain is not loved by conservatives.  Scream out loud like Rush Limbaugh. Let the world know that McCain is not welcome in GOP-land, and then sit back and watch as the Arizona Senator becomes the 44th President of the United States of America.  Because the rest of the country follows the golden rule: If Conservatives hate it, it must be a right! So you heard it hear first….John McCain is a tax and spend, pro-Amnesty, pro-life, anti-Bush Iraq War policy/Tax Cuts Liberal. Now Go and Vote for him! 


~ by americalives on February 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “Fool the Foolish. The Grand Strategy of John McCain.”

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Mike Harmon

  2. First let me say I have never had anyone disagree with me in such a nice way! (lol) Thanks for the link to your Blog. I enjoyed reading it. I will admit that McCain has good issues, and I do agree with some of his political views, and I think he is a good candidate to run for office. I am however an Obama supporter as is the rest of my family. Thanks for the link and I look forward to reading more from you in the future!!

  3. Hey you’ll love this mccain spoof site: John Sidney McCain

  4. Good Article (although I don’t believe a word about what you said about you thinking that “The conservative wing of the Republican party has these achievements to brag about via the Bush Administration. All-time high deficits, 4,000 dead heroes, a hovering Recession, no Usama Bin Laden, the end of NATO as we know it, and a defiant Iran and resurgent Russia now serious players in the increasingly unstable geopolitical world.” Politicians like sound bites and Rush likes making money out of absurdity. What you should be saying is that the American people are ready for a someone to shove a stick down the throat of the Republican Powerarchy. I am.

    (by the way the “poltergeist” has been quoted with saying “I hate jews.” Who are you thaking you advise from. You can agree with what she says about politics but an anti-semi has no place on the American political scene. I have already complained to O’reilly and Fox and have recieved no response…)

  5. check mine now


  7. i mean

  8. Liberal people in radio…Randi Rhodes, Sam Seder, Ed Schultz, Steffani Miller, Rachel Madow.

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